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Our network of skilled marine SMFF providers continues to expand each month.

The U.S. Maritime Safety Services-RD (Rapid Deployment) Salvage Services Network:

Under an exclusive access agreement with the American Maritime Officers (AMO) union, U.S. Maritime Safety Services manages a vast network of Salvage and Marine Fire Fighting (SMFF) first responders capable of rapid deployment to the scene of any marine emergency in each of the 41 USCG Captain of the Port (COTP) zones within the U.S. and its territories. Our off the shelf SMFF network solutions are offered to the U.S. salvage industry as a cost-effective means by which to meet USCG SMFF  assessment requirements, as well as a flexible source through which to staff specialty roles within the salvage team.

U.S. Maritime Safety Services Salvage Team Manning:
At USS our goal is to make the highest and best utilization of our mariner-based (marine salvage) skills in ways which help others succeed, increase job-site safety while enhancing the the unity and synergy of the salvage team. The depth of experience our mariners bring to the table allow us to assimilate into various roles within the salvage team:
• Safety assurance and advisory services
• On-site salvage assessments (stability and structural integrity support)
• Field support for Damage stability services
• On-site fire assessments and external firefighting team support
• Engineering (machinery and pump operators and technicians)
• Specialty services and subject matter experts (LNG/Military/Tanker/RoRo)

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