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1,000’s of Mariners Coast to Coast providing customized rapid deployment response networks, safety and support services.

Salvage Services
USS-RD (SMFF) Services



Following the acquisition of an established response company in mid-2019, USS introduced its newest service offering, USS-RD.  Leveraging the power of 1,000's of Professional Mariners coast to coast, USS-RD provides customized staffing solutions and response networks capable of servicing a broad range of industries including:
    • SMFF Salvage Assessments, Surveys and fire suppression
    • OPA-90 Oil Spill Response
    • Industrial Applications
    • Temporary Power Solutions Manning

Why use USS-RD Salvage Support Services?

Our strength resides not only in the unmatched geographic proximity our skilled responders have to US ports, but in their first-hand experience and familiarity with vessels similar to those they are called upon by salvors to assist. USS-RD responders hold active deep-sea officer licenses, full suite of STCW credentials and recency in marine firefighting certification. High efficiency information flows, knowledge-based rapid assessments and role flexibility in salvage team support is what sets the USS-RD network apart.

SMFF Resources: On-scene salvage and marine firefighting professionals providing:

  • On-site salvage assessments
  • Stability and structural integrity assessments
  • Field support for damage stability services
  • On-site fire assessments
  • External firefighting team support

Additional Salvage Staffing Services:

  • Salvage team staffing
  • Safety assurance
  • Subject Matter experts
  • Response surge manning
  • Engineering & Operational Support

Support Services


How will USS Support Services assist your response organization?

Dedicated to Operational Safety and the preservation of our marine environment, USS-RD services connect OPA-90 resource providers, post-disaster responders and humanitarian relief with a highly skilled temporary labor pool of professional mariners during periods of surge manning need. Our network is ready to answer your call to action in times of need.

Safety Services
Specialty Staffing

“Mariners safeguarding vessels, personnel, and our communities.”

What can USS Safety Services assist your organization with?

USS provides Safety Assurance, Specialty Consulting, and (LNG) Marine Supports Services to a wide range of Clients including Salvage Majors, LNG Infrastructure Providers, and Fortune-500 Liquefied Natural Gas Producers. The range of safety and support services USS can provide is as limitless as the diversified skill-sets our professionals possess.

Recently Launched

For Our Valued Clients

Enhanced Accountability Features  -  Diversified instant communications  -  Targeted alert system  -  Enhanced (unmatched) response-readiness assurance  -  Optimized connectivity (responders and key stakeholders)  -  Real-time resource availability insight using customized network polling

For Our Responders

On demand (no-pin #) conference calling by phone, text, or web application  -  Instant Network Polling  -  Streamlined accountability drills by cell phone App  -  Real-time Insight and guidance  - Instant text, text to voice and email notifications

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